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Strength and elegance, a compendium of expertise and technical prowess.

Ronan Martin represents a high degree of innovation and high standards in the art world.

Thanks to the use of resins, pigments and glazes, his works offer viewers a unique visual experience that no other material can replace.

Dynamic, uncluttered, emotional, her works draw viewers in with their own special magic.

Ronan Martin pays tribute to exceptional craftsmanship in the arts, his expertise in blending pigments, oils and resins delivering a result tinged with daring. He sets new standards and contributes to the spread of French elegance, which is exported from New York to Dubai, via Miami and the major European art markets. All these characteristics help define the French style, which is tinged with a certain elitism.

His experience and talent enable him to be present in the most renowned museums, private collections and institutions around the world. He has won over an eclectic international clientele in search of an alchemy of balance and proportion. His style takes care of colors, lights, clean lines, strength and sobriety.

Ronan Martin favors natural, noble and precious pigments, enhanced by a glaze that offers subtlety; no detail is left to chance. Whether working with blends or single pigments, the artist aims to make colors exhale with power and subtlety. He’s on a quest for innovation for an exclusive and demanding clientele.


Kingdom of the Lollipop – Sugar Addict Society


Industrial Fishing on High seas


Whaling in Northern Pacific


The Kingdom of the Bubble Gum


The Empire of the candy Floss


Between Sky and Sea – Zanzibar


Ronan Martin has been ranked 35th in the Top 50 French contemporary artists since 2021. Each work is accompanied by its certificate of authenticity and I-CAC certification.

I-CAC is an independent referencing and rating organization for professional working artists.

The artist’s quotation allows us to position and know the artist’s place in the art market, and is a guarantee of quality for collectors. When making an acquisition, art lovers appreciate being able to attribute a value to a work, a serious guarantee backed up by official documents.

The quotation reassures and legitimizes the transaction. The collector has the official insurance of the work’s value at :

  • Loss, damage, theft. The quotation will apply to the valuation of the insurance.
  • Donation, sharing, inheritance, dation. The quotation will prevail over notary and tax estimates.
  • The painting may be offered for sale with its certificate and proof of quotation.

This rating is enforceable.